Change duration causes carousel to stop working?

I changed the duration for the carousel to 6000 (default was 5000) in the sidebar, and it stops rotating? Change back to 5000 and it works again. Do you have to change it in more than one place to get this to work?

Nope, does it work when you export or preview in browser?

it didn’t work, no. I uploaded to the server.

So it’s just stuck? Have you tried a bunch of diff inputs?

Not stuck, it works fine if i leave it at 5000

testing this and it works fine for me. Can you DM me the project file if possible. Also take note, that the carousel doesn’t rotate if you have the mouse over it. This is default by bootstrap.

Hello there,

I was wondering if there is any way to overcome this i.e. the carousel will run even with the mouse hovering on the carousel area?

Running Blocs 2.5.0

Okay, so I managed to get the finer control I was after using a third party tool.

Namely and a bit of fiddling around with the code.



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Can you make a future version set to not pause with mouse over. I see a lot of carousels that don’t pause. Here are some links with some info on how to set it with the code.