Change fonts in form alert

Hi folks,
How can I change the fonts (size, type etc.) in these form alerts?

Target them with these classes:

Thanks for your help bourne.
But I thought there would be a way to do this without coding.
I have absolutely no Idea what to do with these codes.
But thanks anyway.

Hi there,

No need for coding. Just add each class directly in the Class Manager to change the font, background, colors, etc… for each type of alert, i.e. .alert-success, .alert-info, .alert-warning and/or .alert-danger.

When typing in the new class no need to put the front dot “.” but keep the hyphen.

"Mit freundlichen Grüssen,


That was easy.
Thanks a lot both of you.

ebenfalls mit freundlichen Gruessen :wink:

You are very welcome.

To note that this is something I learned with @Eldar Blocs 2 courses, which is still valid for Blocs 3.

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I keep that in mind.

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