Change mail form data

Hi, how can I change the text before “:” in the mail form?
Nome_: Cristian Zambrotta
Cellulare_: 3429528652
Orario_: 12:00 - 14:00
Dateinputfield_Selectdata_34048: settembre
Sede_Di_Preferenza_: Studio LVG - Salerno
Servizio_: Consulenza del Lavoro
Stato_Della_Societa: Ditta da avviare
Settore_Lavorativo: Bar e Ristorazione
Forma_Giuridica: Libero Professionista
Regime_Contabile: Forfettario
Numero_Di_Fatture: Non lo so
Numero_Dipendenti: Non ho dipendenti
Consenso_Privacy_: true

Change the item id text in the side panel when selected.

I have 2 forms on the same page, when I change the ID, it say that I have to set differents IDs. But also changing the Data Picker ID, it show Dateinputfield_Selectdata_34048 :
Also the spaces are converted into _

On different pages you can have the same ID, but on the same page they need to be different. Just click the relative items on the page and see the ID in the side panel, which can then be edited. On one form you could have name and the other could be name: if you want.

For that date picker you should be able to click on it and change the ID to something like date or whatever makes sense to you.

@theenrico The spaces will be converted to an underscore because you cannot have spaces in id names.

And there isn’t another mode to change the text before “:”?

You can write what you like in there. It just cannot be duplicated on the same page. You could write telefonino instead of cellulare for example.