Change text value on click


Hello @Norm :slight_smile:

I’m creating Price section for service where it need to be in USD & other currency, by default it will be USD but on some button click or something it should change only price values. Looking for some help!



What about toggle visibility ?


Hey @chrishsl, thanks amazing suggestion! :star_struck:

But I’m confused how can implement it to change values or hide USD and instead show other on click :wink:




As @chrishsl has suggested, you can make the page you want using the toggle visibility feature. I have created a quick video with explanation how to archive that.

Hope it helps!



Great video. I quite liked the animation btw.


@Eldar Thanks! What can I say, you are an amazing person. Again thanks for so detailed tutorial :heart_eyes:


Made changes and works perfectly! animation looks cluttered when you have multiple rows below the value changing row everything moves :joy:

Is there a way to add toggle button? Instead of simple button.