Change the existing nav logo to my logo

I’ve done this before, but forgot and struggling with how to change the existing logo on the nav bloc to my logo. Thanks.

Select the nav logo on the canvas and then from the sidebar options click on the thumbnail to add another.

Or alternatively go to project settings, and set the logo there to use throughout your project as a data fed image.

I’ve been doing what you said all day, not working, but when I went to the project settings and set the logo there, the new logo still didn’t show up. I then selected the nav logo on the canvas and clicked the thumbnail in the sidebar and it still didn’t change. I then hit the image in the Assets Manager and it finally changed to my logo. I think I have something on my computer irritating Blocs. I’m still getting crashes every time I try to edit in Photoshop. I’m almost sure it’s on my end. Thanks, Norm, for your quick response, really appreciate it.

I also had a question on Ben’s topic “Portfolio website made with Blocs” just to let you know. Thanks.

@jranly have you tried opening PS first prior to editing an image, I think the crash comes if ps isn’t open initially.

What type of image are you setting as your logo? Jpg, png or a svg?

I will try opening PS first.

I had my initial logo set up in the project settings. I wanted to change this logo forgetting that it was still set up in the project settings.

I then deleted my initial nav logo on the sidebar leaving the Blocs placement logo.

I then proceeded to select the logo on the canvas and then clicked the thumbnail on the sidebar to replace the original Blocs logo…nothing happened. I think maybe it’s because my original logo was still set up in the project settings. Once I deleted it there I was able to add my new logo to the sidebar. Thanks.

The image was a png.

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