Changes to navigation - which class?

I have to admit I find it extreme difficult to handle blocs, it feels like being a programmer just more visually.
Probably its been asked one million times, but how can I make changes to the navigation, for example the distance between each links, so its not so tight, or also changes to the height of the nav bar. I have to work with classes that seems probably the answer, but what is the class to have alignment changes with the nav links. I would like to to influence the spaces in-between the links for example. Thanks to all for a possible help.

OK fixed it with setting navigation to none and added a class to each nav link.
Funny all the time I ask a questions I fix it myself lol.


I recommend you to search the forum for the similar questions before posting yours :slight_smile: I am sure this way, when you post your question, there will be users who help you with answers.

There was literally the same question posted today, and I just answered it, a few hours ago.

And yes, you have to use custom classes :slight_smile:

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