Changing Icons in Carousels

I’m redeveloping a site using Blocs, that I original built using Adobe Business Catalyst.

Currently I’m reproducing a swiper, using a Blocs carousel. The contents of each slide is an icon, an H5 Heading and some Paragraph text.

What I’m finding difficult is being able to change the icon. The online Blocs User Documentation states to replace an icon, I simply double click it.

However when I try this, when the icon has been added to a carousel, nothing happens.

So I’m currently having to create icons outside of the carousel, change them, and then drag them in to the appropriate slides. This is the same process that I have to employ when I’m changing headshots in testimonial carousels.

Surely there has to be simpler way than this? A process that should only be taking me 10 seconds, is taking forever to put together.

Helpful suggestions on an easier way to do this would be great! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @DerekDigital, I believe you’ve nailed a bug. When I replicate your process I’m ending up with the same issue. Please do report to @norm the issue here to look into this.

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Thanks for confirming that I haven’t missed a trick @Jerry.

Yes, at some point in the past Blocs Carousels became tricker to use. Elements are locked, which makes editing painful. Last year @Eldar kindly created a video for us, showing a work around for adding testimonials placed in carousels. I’m still having to use the drag-and-drop technique for headshots when I update testimonials, as double-clicking on an image doesn’t seem to open the Assests panel.

I’ll drop @Norm a line via the feedback form.


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For anyone following this thread, @Norm has been in touch with me and has been investigating this little glitch in Blocs for us. I understand from him that he’s isolated the problem, and will implement a fix in the next beta release of Blocs v4.3.

Happy days! :smiley: