Chat service to put on your website


If you want to put a chat online solution that is not the messenger one, I tried and it’s working perfectly. Simple and free. It can be managed by you or many other users. The dashboard is pretty complete too.
I’m not a developer and I could install it very easily. Just needed to put the embeded code they provide.


@Muppet, thanks for sharing! :point_up:


My pleasure!
I like to see when people are sharing tips and advices.
So, I’m more than happy when I can do the same :slight_smile:


No clue.
But looking at it, it says it’s powered by Callpage. So, go and have a look:


how can we put this to blocs site?


They provide you a code that you have to put in the header of your page.


So how do you install? I have the code not sure where to put it Thanks by the way!