Checkboxes outside form

Task: how can I copy several checkboxes outside form (true or false) into a form, so a summary? Specifically: Customer chooses one or more workshops on the side in the middle of checkboxes. The selections are then transferred to the form. In fact, the selection fields are duplicated and transferred to the form.


Thank you for your help!

Hi @akula,

Why did you place them outside of the form? Just move them inside the form bric, and you will be able to see what visitors choose.

Hi Eldar,

That’s the problem. Strangely, the customers (almost all women :wink: do not understand. One press the button “to reservation” and think that it is selected. Since I love the women, I want to make life easier for them :wink:

Here I have done so that you understand it - if two workshops are selected above, they are automatically selected in the collection form:

as an example, they are already preselected.

would that be possible?