Class chaos

Has anybody else experienced this? I’m currently working on an accordion in the footer of a webpage ( and I barely managed to get it to look how I want.

When I tried to change the text color in a class that I gave to the icons in the collapsed card-bodys, suddenly the background in preview changed to white (and in preview only, not in edit mode). And the only way to change it back is to remove the classes (card, card-body and card-header) completely, re-add them and change the background to transparent. But when I do that, something else changes. It’s driving me nuts.

I had to delete and recreate classes several times to get it working, but now that I wanted to change the look of a class, it messed everything up.

When I inspect the code, the card-background is set to #fff again, though the card-classes that I added to the class manager still show it as set to transparent.

Edit mode:


What’s wrong with Blocs?

Did you try inspecting the code with the preview inspector to see if you can see which class is assigning the background colour?

I uploaded the current mess. Best to see for yourself :wink:

And in case you need to have a look at the project file, it’s here.

Right, as usual the error sits in front of the Laptop. Apologies, but I was so frustrated. I checked my classed and wasn’t aware that I tried earlier to use a span which I applied the classes fa and fa-angle-right of which I change the color and the margin on the fa-angle-right.

Removing these classes immediately restored the background issue. No idea why, but …

blushes and hides

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Achtung: Links gehen nicht

They look like font awesome classes.

Ich weiß, ist ja auch ein WIP (work in Progress).