Class not show anymore but works also after deleting

This is something funny.
A given class is not shown anymore when clicking on the items which irefer to that class.
Deleting obviousely doesn´t seem to work.

Anyone else here with this experiance?

I don’t know if your question ever got answered. I have had the same thing occur. I deleted the class from all 3 views saved the session and closed it. Upon reopening it was as it should be…

By the looks of things it doesn’t appear as if there are that many users on this forum. I don’t know how many Blocs users there really are. It is a bit buggy for one person to tackle. But it does appear that Norm is making an attempt to solve as much as one person can.

If that’s enough …I don’t know. Blocs has such great potential but in my opinion has a long way to go. Looking forward to more improvements…ASAP …:grinning: