Class padding & margin problem

Hello together

I have the following problem with Blocs 4.5. I have created a class for a button and somehow the padding and margin don’t seem to work. See the video and the file in the attachment.

test_btn.bloc (2.1 MB)


It doesn’t appear to be a button - it’s a link in a list item. I suggest selecting the list item from the layer tree and then apply your class to that. I must admit, selecting the borders you want the padding applied to can be a bit strange. Selecting one border seems to have a strange effect on the others, but eventually, the appropriate borders will be selected. Once selected, applying the padding/margin will work. I think this border selection problem may be an issue with your particular installation or file. If I add a button or link to a new project file, I can select the borders in the class manager without issue.

Maybe it’s the tourist route :desert_island: :sunny: :bikini:but this should work nicely:
Put your image and link in a DIV within the list item and set display to flex, align and justify to center:

Add a class to your link and set positioning to absolute and edges to auto;

Now the link should sit nicely on top of the image:


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I agree with this. It would be nice if there were an easier way.

Oh the wonders and beautiful things that you see and experience on tourist route. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips. Will test it

Hello Jerry

Thanks again for the tip but now I have another problem. I have implemented it as you described, please watch the video.

Link problem

Please PM me the file. I’ll have a look for you.