Classes help

Can anyone explain, I don’t understand what effect the ‘Display’ and ‘Float’ options make.
Sorry if I’m being thick.

Andy, you aren’t being “thick” but you should google those terms with respect to css and you’ll find a ton of explanations online.

Essentially the display option controls how the HTML/CSS layout engine will handle an element and the float options decide how an element will be positioned with respect to other elements.

Honestly it’s too complex to be answered well in a forum post ( by me, anyway ).

Phew, that was straight forward! I may spend half hour altering the properties and previewing to check I’ve got a basic grasp.
Thanks Paul.

I understand the concept of using float but I can’t seem to see how to apply with Blocs. What bloc and bricks do you use to have text flow around an image and which objects need classes?