How do I see which custom classes are no longer required, so I can delete them?
Clues anyone?

I’ll assume it can’t be done

@apswoodwork there is no way in the current version. It’s more complex to do this and keep track as some classes are applied to objects but not directly i.e. My-menu Li a. This wouldn’t appear in the DOM but it may be used, so to keep track of this means consitantly parsing the style sheet and the entire web sites html which could effect app performance.

I could look into adding a little check that could be manually run when required.

no worries

yes would be great to have a kind of check before you delete a class from the class manager.
sometimes your just trying things and forget to delete it, it clutter full with classes you dont need any more

-another thing would be nice is to COPY a class inside the class manager
Thanks Norm

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In the process of exporting a page as a template, you are presented with a list of “Required Page Classes”. This seems to imply that there is a way to know what classes are being used, at least on a page-by-page basis. (But I’m a little confused by the check boxes whose hint reads “include this class as part of page template” --why would any classes that are not needed for a particular page be included with its template?).

Anyway, I too would like to see what classes are being used on a project basis so I can know the unused ones to delete. I’m learning that classes are very important in Blocs and want a way to organize them clearly. I’d be happy for any pointers.

This shows classes that are used directly on items in the page html, but it’s also possible to have global classes that target all the headers in your site eg h2.

So this shows you all the classes used directly and also available invade you want to include other classes that are used but not directly applied to an item.

I hope that helps :grinning:

I was making 3 points with my post:

  1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to know whether a particular class is being used in the project when you’re thinking of deleting one in the Class Manager
  2. The contents of the Page Template Option dialog (which appears when exporting a page template) suggest that there is a way to find what classes are being used on a page-by-page basis
  3. I was confused about why there would be unchecked checkboxes in that dialog

Thanks for clearing up (3) for me. I explored the Page Template Option dialog for each page of my project and realized that unchecked checkboxes in that dialog correspond to classes that are used globally in the project, as you mentioned, whereas check ones correspond to classes being used on that particular page.

Therefore, as a work around for the lack of item (1) above, one can go through each page and note whether the class you want to delete is listed when using: File --> Export --> Export As… --> Page Template
(which is a bit awkward since you’re delving 2 submenu levels deep)

I’ll add something more practical to address issue 1 in the future.

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