Clean URL's and Canonical for Google

Hi Community

When using clean url export with blocs it exports the sitemap xml pages as etc with out the .html which is great. What would be the correct canonical to input on the website

Google sees the sitemap with content

What would be the correct canonical, would it be or

Just asking if anyone else has come across this as I don’t want to wreck page ranking etc


This doesn’t matter. Both is correct.

Good Question @steviemc

Google doesn’t care which you use, but be consistent when creating urls for your site. They are considered equal in terms of site rank and performance, but they are also considered different urls. If you’re not consistent you’ll split your traffic between the two versions and that’s generally bad for reporting and analytics if that matters to you.

Just remember to be consistent whichever you choose. You can do this manually or use the common practice of .htaccess redirects to ensure all appropriate links either include or exclude the “trailing slash”.

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