Clear Image or Blocs cache

Hey there guys.
So I need a quick tip with deleting image cache or blocs cache for assets.

I added 2 image assets called image1 and image2.
I modified the images. I then proceed to remove the assets in Assets manager.

I reupload the NEW images, still named image1 and image2, which are modified and new images. However Blocs still shows the old removed images.

Anyway for blocs to refresh cache, or remove cache. I’ve exited the blocs project numerous times, but didn’t seem to do the trick.

Which version of Blocs are you using? I had a similar issue to this that appears to have been fixed in the latest Beta release of 2.3.0. I had some issues of swapped images displaying incorrectly in lightbox which may be connected perhaps? Try a test file in the Beta as I understand it isn’t backwards compatible with 2.2.

Ah Interesting…
I am using 2.2.2.

Still is an issue… I’ll wait for the next stable release and hopefully it fixes it then.

I’m having the same issue. I have a carousel and have removed some photos and replaced with other photos. When previewing in a browser (even if the browser hadn’t previously been used to preview this Blocs project), I’m still seeing some of the old images. I can see that the path indicated that it’s a cache preview file somewhere in Blocs data. Does anyone know how to clear the Blocs preview cache? Warm Regards, Randy