Clickable DIV


Hi-- Trying to figure out if there’s any way to make a DIV clickable in blocs. I’m trying to use the “Panel with Head” bric to create a text box that links to a new page. I thought I might be able to put the Panel in a DIV and wrap the DIV in a link, but this doesn’t seem possible in Blocs. I can get a hover effect on the whole panel with the CSS designer, but there’s no way to add a URL. Any ideas? Thanks!

Clickable rows and blocs

You want the entire panel to be a link or just the text?

You could use some basic JavaScript to do this by giving your panel an ID or whatever and then writing a click event in an addition js page resource. Something along the lines off:

$(‘#my-panel’).click( function({ window.location.replace(""); });


Many thanks! Love the app.