Client access to a form that updates site

Hello fellow bloc heads,
I’m just starting to investigating the feasibility of creating a site page that would allow clients to access the content on their site and make changes.

I’m a realestate photographer and I put together single sites for clients listings. But they have to come to me every time there’s a price change or edit to the site. I would like to figure out how to give them access to edit most parts of their site.

Here’s an example of a site I create.
I would like to give the clients access to edit these items in order of importance:

  1. Most text fields
  2. Image gallery, add, remove and reorder
  3. Change the initial background photo or video
  4. Maybe turn on an off a bloc, Map, 3D tour etc.

I’m imaganing my one page site, with a second page that is a form only the clinet has access to. The one page site is then populated by the input from the form.

This is a big ask, but i’m pretty scrappy at recreating from templates and adding my own code.
I’m hoping this community can point me towards some examples or tutorials that will set me on the right path.

You could do that using Volt by @Jannis

Or any other type of CMS really. I’ve done things similar using OctoberCMS. Built the theme in Blocs. And the clients just had a form type interface for various content that would populate the site. I made those using the builder plugin for October. Fair bit of learning curve.

Volt would be the easiest solution.


Im using Volt CMS for my clients. It’s easy and it works well. :+1:t2:

This is amazing thank you exactly what i’m looking for!