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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me out.

I want to have a page that is private where I can give my client a password to log in to see the page.
Doesn’t need to be able to change password.
Does anyone know if this is possible using Blocs?



I develop a script called Sitelok ( which can protect pages so that a login is required. I am currently working with Blocs to find the best way to integrate it. If you are interested to try it out I can install Sitelok for you on your server and secure some pages so you can see how it works.



Presently nothing directly through the app itself. But …

If you are using an Unix / Apache server you can setup .htaccess + .htpasswd to password protect a file or directory. It’s best if your domain is using SSL, otherwise the data will only be sent as base64. I also wouldn’t suggest solely relying on this approach for highly critical things where further security is required and should be used. However, using this approach should provide you with the basic ability to setup a private page for client login and review, they will be prompted to do so when viewing the page.

Read up on it and see if it would meet your needs. There are plenty of explanations how it works to review.

Hope it helps your efforts.

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As an ex Freeway Pro user I’ve used Sitelok many times and it is a first class solution for client logins. If Adrian could adapt it to integtrate easily with Blocs he would be on a winner!


Hi David. Nice to see a familiar face :slight_smile: I really hope to get Sitelok working with Blocs and will keep you posted.

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Blocs 2.5 will include a new code input area accessible via the page settings that will make including your own PHP login scripts or 3rd party ones from providers like @vibralogix’s SiteLok super easy.


Has there been any progress with this idea? I’ve just been contacted by a client who wants to replace an old site with a couple new ones and it looks like they may need a client login area. At present they are using a WordPress site and I was hoping to do something using Blocs without the need of a CMS.

Does this link help reference @Norm last comment?

May need MySQL too.

This one might be better:

You should be able to use SiteLok now yeah. I also have a little tutorial planned for the knowledge base that covers a basic implementation of password protecting a page via PHP (code courtesy of @ScottinPollock). I’ll get that live soon.


That’s good to hear. I’ll have an idea later on of what is needed, but this is likely to be an important factor in whether or not I can do the job with Blocs. It seems like every designer in the area uses Wordpress for everything by default, so I need a way to match whatever they can provide and offer something better.

Yes wordpress is a great platform but it’s overused way to much. Nothing worse than a single landing page that is driven by Wordpress, it’s like tapping in a drawing pin with a sledge hammer.

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In particular I do not like WP but I’ve had clients who request it, I hope that in the future BLOCS has its own tool to manage an editable page online, it would be like a whole in 1, and perfect for designers like me who do not they are code expert! Whether you have an extension for WP or with your own tools, it would be a boom


Any update on this Norm?

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No not yet.

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@Norm Did you ever find time to create this knowledge base article on a PHP script to protect a page? I could not find it if you did?

+1 Looking for this right now …

It may be best to use a dedicated script for this. Ideally, you need a script that will allow for user registration, email activation and unlimited protected areas of your site. It would also be nice to have the option of charging for membership to access protected content. Such scripts are very easy to integrate into a blocs website. You can see a blocs demo site HERE. Take a look - there are instructions on the home page. If you register yourself on the demo site, you will be able to use the login function to access the demo protected page. This page will also give you a link to the script being used.If you visit the protected page URL HERE you will see the prohibition page that refuses entry to the page by non-members.

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This is really cool @hendon52! :smile:
Where do we find the dedicated script?
Is it JAVA, PHP or some else making this work?

This is a completely self hosted solution. It’s a PHP script that uses mySQL. So, as long as you have a hosting account that includes mySQL databases, you’re good to go. I did put a link to the script developer and give some additional information in the example protected page, but here its is if you don’t want to sign up on the demo site. It’s a really easy script to get up and running, and all the bits of embed code are provided in the admin interface. The script also has optional payment gateways for PayPal and AuthorizeNet.


Hi Hendon,
I use some scripts from PHP jabbers with succes and I have my eyes on this one also. I saw in the description that after login you wil be forwarded to the protected pages. It was not clear to me if you need to make those protected pages yourself or is that done with a piece of script provided for the pages?
I believe you have this script, so hopefully you will know…
Thanks in advance