Client wants me to create form with file upload function. Is there any hope?


Title pretty much says it all :smiley: Client asked me to create a form for his new website. The form is pretty standard except for the file-upload functionality.

He doesn’t care about security or other issues (:thinking:). He just wants this function to be there.

Is there any hope for me, lol? Can i realistically add this option to exported code from blocs? I can tinker with php a bit - and i’m “proficient” in basic js/jquery.

Would love any direction or potential help with this request.

Jotform works well for this - been using them for years

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Thanks for suggestion, friend!

i was hoping for “native” solution within the blocs and it’s output realm. Something like few lines of code inside form.php and form-handler files :slight_smile: Since my client doesn’t care about security or other stuff, i’m guessing there is not that much code to write here. I’m trying to write it myself - but it’s really hard without understanding of how the php work.

I know, some code gurus really hate to throw us, noobs, a bone - but at least it’s worth the try :grinning:

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I would also be interested in whether something would go in Blocs.


Hello @risen

I use a form tools that is in this site:

It is a tool that if you have a cPanel with softaculous you can install on the same domain of your site, then publish the form and use that code in a iFrame inside your blocs site.

If you own the server you can install the platform.

And there is a back office that you can see every entry in the form, check the files, and you have a place that it will send you a email every time a form is submitted with all the information.

And you can customize everything.

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Thanks for suggestion, friend!

I’m also wondering, if it’s possible to pair PHP Mailer ( with blocs? Essentially, i want to just swap .php file from blocs to it. I’m not sure if it’s worth bothering norm over this, but it’s worth a try :wink: What do you think about this, @Norm? Will it work? Is it ok to use another php library with blocs?