Cmd key causing images to appear in bloc background

I’ve just started using 2.5.0 b7 and am having the same problem I reported in b5. Namely, when I

  1. change some text at the end of a paragraph bric, and then
  2. click outside of of that paragraph bric (specifically into its background bloc, and then
  3. hit the cmd key
    an image from the asset manager is placed into a nearby bloc background. This is a significant problem for me since I use things like cmd-s, cmd-d, etc… all the time.

I wondered if my project might be corrupt, so I transferred a block into which this was happening into a page template, closed Blocs, and then restarted with a new Blocs project, adding a page based on that template. Since it happened again, either it’s just a bug in Blocs or the corruption transferred.

Anyway, here’s an animated .gif showing it happening in the attached new Blocs project (My Site.bloc). In the .gif you will see me (1) typing text in the paragraph bric, (2) clicking outside that bric and into its background bloc, and (3) hitting the cmd key (of course, you can’t see that part, but you’ll know it when you see the image appear in the background, and (4) I then use the Edit menu to undo, making the background image remove.

When I transferred the blocs page template, there was a small video and an image, but I removed both of those and then demonstrated the problem using only default images, as seen in the animated .gif

My Site.bloc (734.2 KB)

I have the same problem when I modify some classes with a bloc selected.
An image of my assets take place in selected background even if asset panel is closed. It’s not at every time but too often…
The only solution I found for the moment is:

  • open the asset manager
  • pass threw the small pictures of the asset manager (images in the background change in real time) and go outside of the window. At this time, background come back with is previous picture or color…
  • close the asset manager.


@ Norm, an idea of the bug?

Plus one - for background images suddenly changing or being added.

And another. I get this in circumstances I can’t pin down but it’s quite frequent.

Ditto, Cmd-F
Same issue here.

Well, metoo…