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I would like to create a content managed gallery in Blocs. Can anyone please tell me if it’s possible to create a CMS Gallery in Blocs using Pulse?

PulseCMS has a very good gallery and slider. So I assume you could use it but I am not sure how that would work with Blocs. Interested to find out more.

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@ pixelarte @wedeersign
here is a simple website, with PulseCMS gallery, the site is made in Blocs ( what else…hahah)
some text, pictures and blog is updated by the client, It takes a bit to understand everything with the CMS but I my case the result is perfect

And this site has the slider of PulseCMS in a Blocs site :smiley: client can change all the text on the site and change his pictures as well



That’s great do you mind me asking how you did it as there appears to be only options for block, blog and email list.

if you check on the pulse site and read a bit you see they use pulse tags


put this tag in Blocs in a HTML bric and done :slight_smile:

go to the PulseCMS admin and make a gallery
off course it needs some ‘tuning’, but that you find out by testing…

good luck

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Thanks Sandy much appreciated.

Great work @sandy!

Spoke to a few people here (in Japan) who when I say Pulse/Blocs is perfect for restaurant sites they often say “when making menus WordPress would be better with custom page types”… that’s when they lose me!

You’ve just proven it doesn’t need that juggernaut and the client can change that menu and photos in Pulse/Blocs without a sweat.

Thanks for the case study!! :slight_smile:

Hmmm …


Thanks Micheal,
and you know what, the restaurant site was made in Blocs all ready and it was online for 2 months, but I thought why not… and changed it into as Blocs/Pulse site.
Changed it local and tested it (MAMP server)
Within 1hour the site was live again with the Pulse CMS integration, and the client has NOW the possibilities to change text and all his pictures.
I also changed his Pulse login page with his logo, and in the admin I removed the blog and statistic folder, so his admin is clean and easy!
thats all he wanted, and I am happy, because it safes me work :smiley:

yesss, that went bloody fast.


@sandy thats awesome!

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I have just tried your suggestion but for the life of me I cant get it to work.

I placed the tag {{gal:gallery}} in the HTML Widget on a page in in Blocs called gallery and exported the site. From there on where you say “go to the PulseCMS admin and make a gallery” I get lost as to what to do next - how do I make a gallery?
Sorry if these questions sound dumb but I’m relatively new to using Pulse in Blocs - in Rapid Weaver there are Pulse stacks which make the whole process very easy.

Go to your pulse admin
go to media
click NEW
give a name lets say gallery1
click create
now pulse has made an ‘empty’ gallery called:


THIS is the name IN the blocs HTML bric

upload some pics in Pulse and it will work

good luck

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Got it working now.
Many thanks again especially for your patience. Much appreciated.