Code Bric stuck on RTL (updated)


***Update: I just noticed that when I publish my project the pages that display incorrectly (RTL) in Blocs display correctly on the website (LTR). That reduces the seriousness of this problem dramatically – I don’t care too much about how it looks in Blocs as long as it’s okay when published. But I’ll keep this here just so there’s a record of the bug.

I’m using beta 3.2.0 build 5. I have some english html text which should render LTR (left-to-right) in a code bric. It used to render properly (LTR), but then I noticed it began rendering RTL. Other text brics, like paragraph brics, render LTR as expected.

This is to be a multi-language website and I originally had the project settings and some page settings to a RTL (right-to-left) language.

So, I went to project settings and set the language to English. I also made sure LTR was selected. I even went to each page and set its language to English. Nothing changed.

I verified that this is a problem with my multi-lingual project by making a fresh page in another, new project and pasting the same html into a code bric – it rendered properly, LTR, as expected. However, if with my multi-lingual project I do the same thing (make a fresh page and paste the same html into a code bric) it renders RTL.

In other words, the RTL language settings I tried earlier are somehow “stuck” now for code brics in my project . How do I “unstuck” it? or how do I force a code bric to render text LTR? I’ve tried adding html and css code to force LTR in brics, but nothing has worked. It must be a project problem since this same html is always LTR in a fresh project’s code bric.