Code Editor Annotations

Hello folks.

I’m using the Blocs Code Editor frequently, at the moment, to style @instacks Volt CMS blog module. I need the design of this to match the site that I’ve added it into.

But I’ve been getting quite frustrated when CSS styles, that I’d added to the page header using the Code Editor, weren’t filtering through to the site.

After some tests I discovered that the annotations I was adding into the CSS styles, as a reminder for what things were, were the cause of the problem. As soon as I removed the annotations, the CSS worked perfectly.

Has anyone else experienced this problem before? @Norm?

Okay, so I discovered what I was doing incorrectly here.

I was using HTML Comment Tags inside the Project – Header Style tag, instead of CSS Comments. And this was the cause of my styles being ignored.

Might be a nice feature to consider for a future version of Blocs @Norm, if the Code Editor automatically displayed CSS Comments in a different colour, like HTML Comment Tags are.