Code exposed

Hello Guys, please I need some help here.

Building a site for a client, and inserted a snippet code for a whatsApp chat function.
It is inserted on the CODE EDITOR > project footer (so it can run on every page of the site)

It was working ok, until I exported the site to publish with the Blocs Beta 3.5.2.

Now, the code is exposed at the footer, only on the other pages.
(on the home - or index.html - it is ok).

Am I doing something wrong or it could be a bug?

The site is:

Thank you so much.

I am not finding a page on your site with code spilled into the Footer.

Since you did not post your code, I hand-typed something similar as follows in the Footer of my own site, but I don’t see it spilling onto the page anywhere:

<!-- Start Suiteshare -->
 (function (s,u,i,t,e) {
 	var share = s.createElement('script')
 	share.async = true; = 'suiteshare';
 	share.src = '';
<!-- End Suiteshare -->

My advice is to try this:

  1. Delete the comments before and after your script, preview in Blocs, see if that eliminates the code spill. I’ve had trouble with code comments in Blocs before. Even when they don’t spill onto the page, I’ve sometimes found them to cause my scripts to stop working.
  2. With the comments still deleted, try a completely different script and see if that code spills into the footer. If it doesn’t, then I would say there’s a problem in your code.

@jwd, after looking at the output you two provided. I wish to confirm that I may use the code editor to expose the code made by blocs?

Can you confirm that?

I am evaluating blocs so I can use code edit. I want it for use in porting a IOS app to a website and for code generating for an existing Wordpress site.

Would you recommend that?