Code Widget Help

I am trying to add the following code from my CRM as registration form -

#TaveContactForm {width:1px;min-width:100%;}
  1. My process -
  2. I add a structure 1 bloc
  3. then the code widget bric
  4. copy n past the code above.
  5. have tried unchecking the preview button - when published the page has conflicts and no form
  6. have tried checking the preview button - then when published the first question appears on my form and the rest is only revealed filled and tabbing ahead, like its scrolling within a scrolling box.

Help - I am a non-technical person, sorry.


Hello @supasi
Try add a structure 1 bloc, and then click on the block on the left panel, and on the right in ID write: TaveContactForm

Hope it work…


Yes its working now Pealco! Thanks!