Hi, at Norm’s suggestion, I visited

Now the question is, how do I add a code such as this to Blocs?

I’ve tried adding just the HTML between coding brackets but there is no effect. Do I need to add all three pieces of code (HTML, CSS and Javascript) or are they either/or?


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My newbie understanding (I’m just learning this myself) is you can add the HTML code using the HTML bric placed in a bloc element on the page you are working on, and that the associated scripts are generated by Blocsapps – that is if the scripts are supported by Blocsapps (i.e. Bootstrap Framework scripts).

I’m not sure about the CSS, but I believe you would need to create a separate CSS file (using the code you have found) and attach that as a file in the Page Settings ‘Header File Attachment’ section.

That’s my best guess at this time.