Color of a divider


Is it possible to change the color of a divider bric? I have tried assigning it a class but no luck.

Can anyone please help?



Just make a class called “divider” and change the background color on it.


The only issue with that is you only have one style of divider, if you want another with different size or color you can’t. It’s a very limited option in blocs. I do prefer using an image instead

@chicuelo no worries, then do this instead.



@Jakerlund Great solution! Thanks!

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Super, thank you so much!

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Darn, this is exactly what I am looking to do (divider different colors instead of just one color using the divider class) and the mp4 is no longer there :frowning:

One method, and there maybe another way to do this…

Eg. Making a green divider.

  1. Select the Divider and in the right class panel give it a class of green
  2. In the Class manager make a class called .green .divider make sure you keep the space.
  3. Open that class in the manager and change the Background colour to Green
  4. To make the divider thicker, set a height.

Do this as many times as you want for any colour you want. (you will end up with 2 classes, you only need to edit the .green .divider class).

If your only change the divider to one colour you can just make a class called .divider

There is some free dividers at the Bloc Store.


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you can also use an empty bloc as a divider…and set the blocs margin to none, or small, or use a custom class on the bloc to get more precise, and with a single column using a custom class add a border color & thickness, and use column controls & offset to give it a length & position…?

Thanks, all!