Column verlinken / link a column

Hello everybody
I would like to link a colum, does anyone have any solutions?

Hey @stauferch,

How do you mean? Have a link that scrolls to a column. Or have the column act as a link??

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Hey @Malachiman ,
have the column act as a link - when you click on the column the switch to a url or site 11

Hey @stauferch,

Although you can do this using custom data attributes, I would recommend using a card in the column to do this with. Because there are a couple of issues I see…

  1. Blocs doesn’t let you use href in the custom attribute side bar, (otherwise that would be the best way to do it. But it keeps that reserved :cry: ). So the only option there would be to use javascript.
  2. I read recently that Google is ignoring data attribute links now. So that makes things interesting.

So what you could do (and is the way I would do it…) Is place a card in the column, with zero padding and margin and an image in the card. then using the side bar you can turn the card in to the link.

Here is an example. I am only using the standard Bootstrap classes for zero padding, margin and no border on the card. p-0 m-0 border-0

column_link_example.bloc (1.4 MB)

Hey @Malachiman
thank you for your sample, but i need a hover effect (for background) and place a img and a H3

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hey i found a solution :=)

Custim Attributes

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Lol. Ok. You never mentioned anyone of that. Glad you got it sorted.

Funny thing too. Is I’ve used your solution before :rofl::rofl: