Columns In the row... have not adjustable width

So the problem is in columns width adjustment. The version before it was pretty easy to change the size of column and i love it! The client ask to remake website to completely new design, and I suggest to make in new version. The first 2 hours past away, but i still trying to make result as it was before!

Screenshots before and after:



What I am doing wrong?

Change the offset of the second column.

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Thanks, Norm!
This works for me!
And this method is more creative than it was before!

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Column control is sooo much better in Blocs v3, I’ll have more info and help out soon on it.


I’ll second that. This is the way column control should be done.

Nightmare continues…

The Row content (Columns) are not aligned to centre! They waiting in the left corner, its seems that no option provided for align to the centre…

Or there is another way?

And even more…

This columns in blocs

This columns in safari:

You’ll need to use nested rows within the columns, it’s not that complicated.

Change the offset of the first column. Or adjust it on that breakpoint size so they stack in rows of 3.

Or wrap them in a div and then Center the divs content.

What is nested rows?

Row bric inside a column to create a layout within a layout.

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