Coming Soon: Card Designer


I’m ready to start talking about my new bric. It’s a mashup of image editor, slideshow and card UI features. It’s coming soon, but I want to make an introduction now, as I’m working on the demos and documentation.

The problem this solved comes from a real world situation where I had to make these type of assets quickly in response to new promotions and products. So I thought this would help Blocs users with similar needs. Make quality creative assets with a quick turnaround, but versatile enough to use for just about anything.

Meet Card Designer.

Card Designer for Blocs is used for creating a sophisticated card UI. It’s great for product cards, story cards, calls to action, ads and more. It’s packed with features that you might not expect in a card UI. It’s great at turning static images into rich media calls to action.

Features include:

  • Image slider
  • Hover options
  • Image filters
  • Image crop alignment
  • Title and caption positioning
  • Ken Burns animation
  • Google Font support
  • Title size and color controls
  • CTA Button
  • Smart preview while you work
  • Responsive
  • Update notifications

Card Designer is coming soon.


This looks awesome. Good job.


Love this…I could see it replacing my Cards used for my ‘Blog Post List’ and used to link to the blog post itself!


Now that is one of the most impressive Brics I’ve seen. You’re a master at this, major props!


This looks seriously promising


Really very nice! When available? Any idea?


Thanks again for your kind words @KBConcepts


The only thing I’m working on currently are demos and documentation. I’d say this weekend could possibly be it, but no promises. :wink:


this is extremely fantastic! In short, I need it and I want it! congratulations!!! and thanks for the effort of working this brics


Wow!!! This looks fantastic!


Looks great!


That looks great!
But how stable is the API right now?
Asking because of those many issues in Blocs 3 with former 3rd party brics.



It’s getting better and better with every release.


Absolutely amazing!!! Can’t wait!!


This is amazing! If you need any beta testers let me know :slight_smile:


Hi @pixelwork,

Good question. The fact is that Card Designer is over 6 months old! I’ve tested this bric with every release of Blocs since last year in November and it’s completely stable.

The API was ready for this a long time ago, but I took a wait and see approach. I now have great confidence in the API, so I’ve decided to release it.


I need this in my life. Very cool. Can’t wait for the release. Keep up the amazing work!


It’s sooo close. I had hoped to release it this weekend… In the meantime have a look at the current draft of the documentation I put together.


Where can I buy this bric?


Can you advise when it’s available? Price ?