Confused about adding fonts

I want to add new font to the Font Manager (other than Google font).

In the docs I find that this is possible
Adding New Local Web Fonts

But when I go in my Font Manager, there are only Google fonts.
In Preferences only Google Fonts and not Application Fonts like in the Doc.

Did I miss something???

Thanks for helping me out.

Easy one. Using the latest beta click on the toggled menu and select Local web Fonts. You can add them from there. If you are still using 2.5.2 this isn’t possible.

Yes I’m still on version 2.5.2. I thought that’s the latest version.
So I have to upgrade?

Hi again,
I saw that there is 2.6.0
Is this still in beta? or it is the latest version?

It is still in Beta

Yes if you want to use local web fonts. It should be out of beta within a week if you want to wait. I’m having a few issues with the web fonts at present that Norm is working on.

Thanks for your reply.
I will wait to be out of beta.
Thanks for your reply and the work on improving Blocs. Great job!
Have a nice evening (at least here it is evening soon).

2.6.0 is now live, just haven’t had time to update change log yet.

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Hi Norm,

Thanks for the update, will download it.
My problem is then solved.
Have a nice day.

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