Connecting Pages

After four days, I threw everything away and started from scratch.
I now have content in the proper “dynamic” area which does not repeat.
I also have (I think) a hero image with text.
There is also a navigation bar.
Perfect, except:
The pages do not link. If they linked by scrolling (infinite page) that would be OK, but they don’t.
So, how do I fix this new problem?

If you generate the web page, the links are automatically added.
Nice undocumented feature.
Is there any way to create an “infinite” page consisting of the multiple pages that comprise the site?

You can make one, long page just by adding extra blocs and brics, combining the pages into one and manually link to them from the menu.
Not sure at the moment if you can copy and paste the blocs from one page to another. Not in front of the Mac at the moment, but I know some copying features are a bit odd.

You can duplicate pretty much everything in Blocs, including blocs from one page to another. Just select the item and press Command D

Select item.
Command D.
Now what?
What happens to the existing pages?

@eldar , but how do you get that bloc/bric or whatever to a different page? Drag into the thumbnail?
Sorry, again, not at the Mac.

If we are talking about bloc, it will ask you where you want to duplicate it. Just select the page, and that’s all. If it’s a bric you are duplicating, you will have to drag it to the right area manually.

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I am not sure what you are talking about. You select an item (bric or bloc), duplicate it, now you have two same elements. You can do whatever you want.

If you want to duplicate a page, you can go to Page Navigator in the sidebar, right click on the settings icon, and click Duplicate.

That was the question. “Cmd-D” without more isn’t the answer.

Thanks Eldar, I’ll have to have a play with that in the morning. Cheers.

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Great! Let me now how it goes!

@Eldar It went perfectly, thanks. I knew about duplicating stuff, but not the moving to a different page (obviously I’ve just tried duplicating bric before and not blocs! DOH!)

@nakotemai Just do it the way I didn’t!
Try duplicating a bloc and it asks what page you want it to go to, duplicate a bric and it stays within the same bloc.
The second part of your question - “what happens to the existing pages?” - they remain the same, unless you’ve duplicated the bric and that’s an added extra. But if you’re duplicating a bloc to a different page, the original stays intact.

Thanks Eldar.

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