Considering Blocs - a pre-sale question

I have been considering BLOCS for a while as a replacement for Adobe Muse.

My main criteria for any new platform such as Blocs is this:

How easily and quick can I get a contact form (including spam protection) working as well as including a MailChimp sign-up form that works and is styled identically (or otherwise customized) as the general contact form?

Are there Brics included or a tutorial available on this topic?
I could imagine this could appeal to many users who want to get a site off the ground and running quickly. At least when I build a small web site that is the first thing I am running into - and usually have to hit my head bloody over it (including WordPress).

Hi @Visionquest, welcome to Blocs,

That really depends on the user, but generally not long, once you get your thinking around the way things work in Blocs.

Blocs does a lot out of the box, but is also very flexible for adding scripts and code etc.

Tutorial wise, @Eldar has an awesome selection of videos available to go through, even seasoned web developers have benefited from them. And is worth the investment.

Also this forum can be very helpful too.

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Thanks for your reply. No doubt the videos are helpful though none of them had any mention of MailChimp integration in the title.
In both Wordpress and Muse I was able to make all that happen but it was a nightmare to get the required plugins to output forms that were identically styled.

Since from a basic marketing perspective the mailing list is THE number one thing you need to have going and of course you can’t live without a contact form one would think that smart platforms like Blocs and others would make it a priority to make this as easy and convenient as possible.

And don’t get me wrong, checking out Blocs, there is a lot about it that I instantly love.

Blocs has a free custom Bric for mail chimp at the store:


Thanks, that’s promising. And I hope there is something comparable to quickly generate a contact form with spam protection?

I haven’t used this but it is available on the same store.

@Bill could probably answer any questions on this one.

Hi @Visionquest,

Here’s my last post on a related thread on Invisible Recapcha:

For those considering Invisible reCAPTCHA: In the last month or so, I’ve been getting reports of Google changing the way their script works and it is often submitting w/o an image prompt. Your mileage may vary. Note: I have plans in the future to try and develop a better solution.


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