Contact Form Issues

I just finished my site and uploaded it the server. I can fill out the form and I get the green accepted box but nothing is getting delivered? I tried with the to email to an gmail account but no matter what email I set the to up to , I receive nothing! I’m not sure what is going on?

Some hosting companies have restrictions on what email address you can send to from a web form. This is to reduce spam, you may want to check with your hosting company’s help area.

In my case I add the user account name for my web host @ server address, which always seems to work. You should be able to work this out by looking at your FTP or account details that were sent when you first signed up. If in doubt just send their support team an email and they should be able to help.

EDIT: As a quick follow up, I’m glad to see that incoming messages arriving through a Blocs site automatically include a macro, so that the sender’s address is in place if you hit the reply button in your mail client. In the past I’ve had to enable this manually with {{email}} and {{name}} options, otherwise it would reply to the server and simply disappear.

There was a blocsapp user with a similar problem - they had windows hosting and there was some configuration setting that their webhost hadn’t set for their outgoing mail server. May have nothing to do with it.

It’s highly unlikely to be a blocsapp issue as such (unless you’ve not configured the recipient!).