Contact Form - Mail Server Not Responding?

Hi All, anyone know why I’m seeing the below message?

I outlined it in Red.

Hi John,

Are you testing your form in Browser preview, or is it your live website? Forms are only working when you upload them to your server.



Testing live.

Ok, then it might have something to do with limitations placed by your FTP hosting provider to run PHP scripts. Did you ever had any Blocs forms working on this website?


I have my personal website that works fine although I never got it to work with going to an “info@…” email address which I think is weird. I had to redirect the form to go to a yahoo address for it to work. I’ve seen a ton of comments about forms not working and it having to do with hosting? It only happens with Blocs though and not other apps or forms I use. Anyways, I do at least have a form working on my personal site.

I have never seen this new message before. I’m actually testing a new site at the moment and that’s the message I see now.