Contact form not working

I have created a contact form but I’m a little confused, what do I put in the “from”?? I currently have the same email in the send to and from section which is probably why the form isn’t working. (Client only has one email) Any direction would be greatly appreciated thanks!

In some ways the “from” doesn’t matter much, it’s just where the email will say it’s been sent from.

I recently had a client who had a webhost where the form didn’t work. I had to set up an email account on the webhost before the webhost would enable outgoing mail. Maybe that’s the problem?

If you are trying to test the form in preview mode, it won’t work.

Do you get a message that the form has posted correctly?

The website is hosted on godaddy and when I tested it using my email as the send to and the clients email as the from it worked and I received the testing emails.

When I changed it back to the clients email as the send to they don’t receive anything. I have left the “from” as the same send to email. I can only think that maybe it’s because the same email has been used twice? Are you supposed to have two different emails in order for it to work? (also checked junk/spam nothing there)

And yes it says “your message has been sent” but no response.

Easy enough for you to test.

Since you’ve already had it working with differrent emails, I would go that route. I generally configure an address for enquiries on the website so the from is going to be It doesn’t need to exist, but helpful if it does.

Ok great, thanks for your help appreciate it!