Contact form: sent copy to sender

Hello, does anyone know a possibility to insert a field in the contact form “Send copy to sender” and how is this configured?
Thanks for a tip.

You can’t send a copy to the form submitter automatically, You would have to receive it and then manually send a copy if the appropriate checkbox requesting a copy was checked. Auto responses, particularly those that send a copy of the form responses are not a great idea. They often lead to your hosting account being used as a spam gateway. Once a spammer knows that you forms will automatically respond to a form submitter, they will bombard your form with hundreds, if not thousands, of responses using other people’s email addresses. The messages they send will contain their spam messages and links, and they will happily sit back while your mail server delivers all those responses containing copies of their spam messages. I wouldn’t go down this route if I were you. If you do, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a denial of service notice from your web host.

Okay, thanks for the hint.