Contact form with payment gate?

Hello guys. Does anyone have any idea how to create a contact form with a payment button? In other words, if the payment is not made, the message will not be sent. And as a final step a confirmation email. Do you know what I mean?

Best place to start is picking a payment gateway. Most have an API that could easily be implemented with the right know how.

This yes I have one, but i need people to be allow to send me a message. I don’t know how to make the connection between the contact form and the payment gateway for people to pay before the message to be send.

You won’t be using the Blocs form, you would build one using the API of the payment gateway. Time for Fiverr lol

ahh haha!! I will check online how to do it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean Fiverr the freelance website :rofl:

Ive outsourced customised payment gateways in the past, its just quicker to have someone who specialises in them to build something.

Yes I know! How does it call what I need?

I will use only paypal

Search for someone who works with your payment gateway. Send them a message with what you want done. That you need to be able to add it to a static website.

you dont think it will work if i add the api to the contact form? I mean instad of the sending button I add the paypal code!

I could be wrong, because I haven’t done it myself, but pretty sure it will be more complicated than that.

it looks simple, you can add the paypal button before the send button and then you pay with paypal and push send but Im only doing it with a single product! It looks good on blocs, now I need to try it on real life hehe

Ok I may be confused to what you were wanting to do.

  1. User fills in a form
  2. Clicks Pay with Paypal. (instead of submit)
  3. On success the form sends and redirects to a confirmation message.
  4. On fail display error / resets form or does something else.

Oh wait what? Do you have paypal integrated to blocs? Or you are telling me only to change the text?

I want to add the paypal option here

A quick and simple option is to have a bloc on your page where you give details of what it is you’re selling and it’s price. Add into the bloc a PayPal button and advise people that after payment is confirmed, they will be directed to your submission form. You would then create a Thank You page on your site (excluded from navigation). This page should provide the statutory information that PayPal insists on (payment confirmation etc) and your form. Over in your pay pall account set the URL of the thank you page and set the fee you require. You would then grab the button code to put into your site. What will happen is that the PayPal link will be clicked and a pop-up form appears for the actual payment. If payment completes successfully, the visitor will be transferred to your thank you page and will be able to complete the form. Just make sure that your thank you page has a link to take visitors back to one of your normal pages. If the payment fails, a failure notice is displayed to the visitor in the PayPal pop-up window and they will not be diverted to your thank you page.

this is pretty much why im trying to do! But im trying to use the donation button! how can I redirect to the submission form once they do paypal?

If you set up a standard payment button in PayPal, there will be an option to redirect to a success page. I’m not sure about the donate button.

let me try! thanks a lot!

Do you know how to protect this page so people cant access on the browser?