Content undershoots its Container -- Why?

Please download my Blocs 3.2.1 document here: (36.5 KB)

When you open that document in Blocs 3.2.1, you should see some of the content of the lower Bloc spill outside and to the bottom of its Bloc (highlighted in yellow), as shown in this screenshot:

Is this normal or a bug? If normal, why is it normal? Seems to me this kind of thing should never happen.

You can also Preview in Blocs and see the same problem. Just Preview and click on イベント to make the content appear and note how the last two rows pop outside the Bloc!

I’m so frustrated right now I could scream! Ack!


Seriously? Even you Blocs veterans have no idea?



Simply increase the Blocs height to 200 px by adding a class to the specific bloc.

You have used

.bloc-sm {
    padding: 20px 50px;

which size cannot hold all your content.


Yes, I know about padding to keep the content inside the Bloc, but it seems more of a hack than a solution. What if my content is very, very tall like 4000px tall? Do I just keep adding hundreds or even thousands of pixels of padding? Really?

Strange way to thank for help/assistance…

You might as well open a ticket or report a bug. It is up to you.


My apologies if you were offended. But I did already know about the impact of adding padding. And I asked you a question to clarify your reply, which you have not answered yet. I do thank you for your comment though. That’s far more than anyone else in the forum did for me, so I do appreciate your time. But I must reiterate the question in my previous post.

I don’t understand why adding endless amounts padding is a solution here. Shouldn’t the Bloc’s height automatically elongate vertically as its content expands vertically? And shouldn’t padding be something EXTRA I can add on top of the Blocs height and width?

(I am not criticizing your suggestion but rather putting forth a question to learn more.)

In other words…

Let’s say I have an empty Bloc with no content and no padding or margin. It should be zero pixels hight, right? And then let’s say I add content inside that Bloc which is 100px high. Shouldn’t that 100px-high content automatically expand the height of the Bloc to at least 100px even without my needing to add any padding or margin? Perhaps I am mistaken, but I thought that’s the way it should work in Blocs. And if it is the case, then adding padding to solve this problem is only a bandage. Wouldn’t you agree?

Please understand that I post things in this forum to see if what I am finding is a bug or just the way things work in Blocs. If after conversing with veteran Blocs users I find the behavior to be a bug, then naturally I will promptly report it to @Norm.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in light of this.


No offense taken.

I had a deeper look and my understanding is that you may not have been using classes as they ought to be, applying more than one class targeting height of the same item.

That said, simply remove your .row-ht on the first row of the container.

See below screenshots:


once the .row-ht is removed:


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Hello @MDS and @JDW, I understand what @JDW ask and when I look to that part, I was focus only in the Search part… I found why that happens, when you delete that class, the system automatically enlarge the margin of this row to the next one, and there is no apparently reason, then @JDW add that class with a size of 50px.
I had done a new row for the titles, and then the size of margin I had done it in the row below. There it is, with the search fixed…

Navi Test Page (38.3 KB)

Hope that helps @JDW.

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My humble thanks to @MDS and @Pealco for your kind help, understanding and support. The problem is now resolved!

I was trying to follow what @Eldar did in his table here. I sort of understand what he was doing, but as you can see, it gets messy and bad things can happen. That’s why I really do wish we had a Table Tool that could insert a table for us, pre-formatted with however many rows and columns we tell it. That’s sort of how the Table tool works in SoftPress Freeway. But in Blocs, we don’t have that tool, so there’s a lot of manual labor involved in creating one. And when you have all that manual labor, mysterious things can occur, triggered by errors that are not so obvious to see. That’s also why I’d like to see not only a Table Tool in Blocs, but also a new Bloc that has more complex navigation already setup, along with a search icon. I’ve literally spent days on this, doing back-and-forths here in the forum, just to get the most basic of things (navigation bar and search icon) setup. And I’ve not even begun to tie it in with Google Custom Search yet. Ack!

Anyway, thank you both!


@JDW I have to agree with you it would be extremely helpful to have a TABLE bric or tool. Seems like tables are one of the fundamental building blocks for websites. I was rather surprised to not find one in Blocs.

I have figured out ways to hack one together but it is less than ideal.

This was actually one of the reasons I was asking about a Markdown bric because at least I could build a crude table with markdown.

Being able to drive a table with a CSV file would be very handy and is one of the missing things I have discovered in trying to port some existing websites from RW to Blocs! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that something will show up in the Blocs Store when it opens next week!

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