Cookie Consent Bric Question


I recently downloaded the cookie consent bric from the store and have noticed that it appears and works in the test browsers (both Blocs and Safari, etc.), but when I have it on a ‘live’ site, it doesn’t appear, no matter how many times I clear my history/ cache. I have it embedded in the global footer area.

The description of the bric states it uses the insites consent JS plugin and when I click on that link, it takes me to the Osano site. Do I have to create an account and use a privacy policy generated by Osano to get the banner to appear or can I simply link to my own privacy policy.



Do you have a link?

Actually, no. I’ve replace the consent bric with the sticky alert bric, which does the job, but, personally, I prefer the look of the former.

I’ll upload a test page on the site with the cookie consent on it then PM or email you a link; if that’s OK.

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Well, that’s weird. Apparently it’s displaying on other people’s devices OK; just not on mine. It must be something I’m doing (or not). Thanks InStacks for your help.

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