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Hi :blush:

does anyone have a good solution for a cookie banner? No services should be loaded before accepting and there should be the possibility of refusing cookies?

Or which banner you use ?


Why not use the free option on the blocs store? If possible you should build the site in a way so that no cookie banner is required.

Hi Flashman,
because that bric still has the annoying sign that is always present on mobile devices.
I asked Norm several times to take care of that issue - but nothing’s changed.
That’s somehow understandable because there’re more important things to take care of.

I’ll give it a try and report.

Hi @Flashman hi @Bootsie

yes, the best way is to use no services with cookies. But my client want to use analytic tools and Facebook pixels on the page. And the cookie bric has no opt-in option. So in Germany / EU it is not allowed to do this with out a cookie banner that first bloc all the cookies. And when I accept the cookies can be loaded …

UPDATE: The little sign at the bottom must be there, because when I first accept the cookies and change my mind, it must be possible to change again …


I have a client that hired an annoying PR company (later kicked out) and they wanted to add the Facebook pixel code, which they hilariously sent me as a screenshot. After fixing that I used the bric and verified through a cookie audit site that it was blocked unless consent was given. That should be enough for what you need.

Germany in particular seems to be obsessed with the cookie rules, especially since GDPR and all those pop ups have made the internet almost unusable. I installed Wipr not long ago in Safari that has largely stopped them and it was like going back to a time when the internet was productive. Safari 14 goes a long way towards blocking these trackers by default, which seems to have really annoyed Facebook, Google and others.

The internet looked a lot like this for me until recently.

Hi Tom,

I perfectly understand what you need: I’m based in Germany too and I’m facing the same challenges regarding the GDPR requirements.

A few days ago I bought a cookie script from a german developer, which meets all the requirements you need. I didn’t have the time to configure the script, but Google Analytics should not be problem to implement (instruction from developer are available). I’m not so sure if I can handle the FB-Pixel to be set GDPR-conform, so I contacted the developer and he offers support for a reasonable price.

The script costs 15€ and can be bought here:


thanks @MichaelZ and @Flashman for the info


Works fine.
Thanks a lot.