Cookie Opt Out - Where to put "callback hook"?

Hello everyone and Norm.
i use google Analytics on my site and successfully added the code from to show users, that Cookies are used.

Now I want to go one step further and give users the possibility to opt out. I found a code for a so called “callback hook”, but dont know where to put it in the website-code. You can find this specific “allow or decline cookies”-code here:

Please help me, thanks :slight_smile:

I already searched for this special request here but couldnt find any answer.
Thank you for making a wonderful product like blocks and for helping me.
All the best

Interesting I’m looking forward to the answer.

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Hey KBConcepts. Thank you for your +1 on my question… I think, the solution is not that simple, otherwise we sure would have gotten some feedback :thinking: Lets hope for some help here :upside_down_face:

does anyone know where the info goes of someone who is visiting the site who agrees with the cookies?

is there a registration of an ip address fro example?



Hello @Pete, the cookies are something that you have to check with each code or HTML. or script. For exemple in my website of snippets you will find some Modals with cookies. But nothing returns or is saved in my server, is only saved in your browser, and you can check the button to delete cookies how it works.
Check it please.

Hi Pealco,

thanks, have taken a look, really interesting, and great site!