Cookie Opt Out - Where to put "callback hook"?


Hello everyone and Norm.
i use google Analytics on my site and successfully added the code from to show users, that Cookies are used.

Now I want to go one step further and give users the possibility to opt out. I found a code for a so called “callback hook”, but dont know where to put it in the website-code. You can find this specific “allow or decline cookies”-code here:

Please help me, thanks :slight_smile:

I already searched for this special request here but couldnt find any answer.
Thank you for making a wonderful product like blocks and for helping me.
All the best


Interesting I’m looking forward to the answer.


Hey KBConcepts. Thank you for your +1 on my question… I think, the solution is not that simple, otherwise we sure would have gotten some feedback :thinking: Lets hope for some help here :upside_down_face: