Cookies and the Cookie Bric

short question :blush:

Where is the best place to put the cookie brick ? ( Header / Body / Footer )
And is it possible to delete the thing on the bottom on the page ? ( See screenshot )

And when I use other cookie messages, where I put the code? ( See screenshot )

One code (css) in the head tag ?
And the other before body tag ?

thanks a lot


nobody who can tell me where to put the code ?
Put code in the “head” tag …
And put code in the “before body” code ?


I would put it on the footer, but there is already a free custom brics for the cookies

Page Settings - Add Code - toggle between Header and Footer. If you want these to be on every page you can add a code bric and you will be able to select Project Header and Footer.

Your original post was difficult to understand, you want to delete the Cookies Tab ???

thanks for your answer…
Before I wrote in the forum I look inside the page settings …But There I only see the Option:
Before Doctype

So I think “head” tag is Header ?
But “body” tag ? Where I find this ?

Yeah, sorry …my English is not so good. When I use the Cookie Bric and click “ok” or “understand” or something else …the message get closed …But the little black line on the bottom is there …An when the mouse is over there ist a button with “cookie policy”.

Is it possible to delete this little button or change the text in “Datenschutz” ( German language )
Sorry for my bad English
Tom :blush:

Just put a code bric somewhere. Same thing

Hi @Malachiman
Thanks for your help

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