Copy a bloc (section) to another Blocs file

Is this possible? I’ve built a website ( when you scroll down you will see a section that looks like stair steps. I worked hard on getting this to work, especially for Mobile. I really do not want to make it again. I need it for a different website.
I can’t find anywhere if Blocs import the section I need. Does anyone have a work around?
Oh yeah, does anyone know how to mask or hide the fowarding URL without using ifames?

I don’t think this is possible at the moment in the sense of drag & drop or copy/paste and I’d really like to see that, because I’ve been doing that for years with another design app.

You may be able to make use of the new template feature, which I have yet to use, so I can’t offer much advice there, however it may do the trick. I copy pasted the points below from another forum post.

How to create a page template?
Design a page and then go to the Main Menu > Page > Add to Template Library

How to export a template?
Design a page and then go to the Main Menu > File > Export As > Page Template

How to install a template?
Open Blocs and then double click the template .bex file via finder.

How to uninstall a template?
You can remove templates from the page library screen that is shown when you first start a project and when you add a new page to a project.

O! This is most desirable thing in Blocs so far! Lack of ability to copy and paste of elements from one page to another. I think there is the important reason why it can’t be done so far (ID mismatches and so on) but it would be the most helpful and important feature to implement in Blocs. (!) Lack of it makes working with this app much harder than can be. @norm, what do you think? Maybe there is the way to implement the ability to copy nad paste those big “blocs” of content from one page to another? It would avoid the problems with breaking a page structure during copy and paste. User could remove a redundant parts of design after pasting a “bloc”. It’s only a quick idea … I hope you can understand my way of thinking … (?) :slight_smile:

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At the moment we cannot open two projects at the same time, which would really be useful and I’m not quite sure why that is the case. I agree that copy/pasting elements between projects would be a big time saver and very Mac like.

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Let’s get started from copying from one page to another in the same project … :slight_smile:

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You can already duplicate from one page to another.

But you cant duplicate from one project to another…yet.


Its just how I wrote the app, Blocs was more a web app originally but multi documents being open is something I plan on adding, but in the meantime storing Blocs in a local library that can be used in any project is closer on the horizon.


I sometimes find it useful having two projects at the same time, so that I can directly compare how things have been done previously. If you then copy paste from one to another it can save some of the few remaining brain cells I have left. I haven’t really tried the template function yet, so that is something I need to try for sure.

Which version of Blocs has this ability? I’m working with latest stable release of Blocs, because of significant changes in a new betas …

It’s been in there for a while, right click then duplicate from context menu gives you the option in the current stable release. But in 2.5 just duplicating in general will produce this menu.

At this current time it only works on Blocs, duplicating Brics does support copying to other pages.


Thanks for everyone feedback so far. The Template idea seems to be the one I’ll have to use for now and re-make all the other blocs around the one I need the most.
I know @Norm has our best interest in mind, so when he gets time he make the necessary changes.

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Thanks, I was looking for this feature. I wasn’t aware of how the ‘Duplicate’ action works exactly. Your screenshot helped me a lot.

You could just save the bloc to your bloc library. With the bloc selected choose Bloc from the menu and select save to library. This will save the bloc and it’s content to the library. When you create or open another project, the bloc will be available to add to the new project file.

Sample bloc in image courtesy of Eldar Gezalov


I tried that and it did wort work of me. I using Blocs 3.2.1 due to limitations with El Capitan, so that along with other issues is probably why it does not work.

“Standard” Copy/Cut/Paste would be great. Maybe it’s impossible to implement? I’m not a programmer, I just have some wishes :slight_smile:

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