Copy and Paste Brics?

Apologies in advance for being a total novice with Brics (purchased yesterday), but…

I think I’m missing something: I expected to be able to copy and paste brics; I am just playing with layouts at the moment so, having found some brics that I like, I created a new page with a different structure but can find no way to copy the brics into the new page. I have played with Duplicate and Move but they seem confined to the existing parent bloc.

I have categorised this post as ‘Wish List’ because I may be wanting things that don’t (yet?) exist around brics. In recreating my brics, another thing that I may be doing wrong:
I commented previously about the bric insertion ergonomics being modal but I am also finding them inefficient: I press D to change mode and I get a small selection of unlabelled brics. As a new user, without labels, I don’t know what they do nor whether they are the best choice so I hit the ‘+’ icon to get a full, labelled list (this part of the experience will clearly improve when I learn the icons).

I then have a scrolling table of all possible brics, it always scrolls rather than using more space in Blocs’ window (there is plenty) to show me all the bric types without needing to scroll. Having selected a bric type, I then have to dismiss the table before finally inserting the bric(s). Wouldn’t this be much easier if the brics table appeared in a separate window like swatches and classes etc?

I hope this post doesn’t come over as too negative. I hope I’m missing some things but, if not, it is a genuine attempt to suggest enhancements.

You can copy your brics to another page by copying them to a bloc then duplicating the bloc to another page.

A roundabout way to do it, but it is possible. I suspect the problem with duplicating a bric to another page is that there will be no place to naturally place it.

Copy and paste would be good.

Thanks for the quick reply pauland.

I had tried that but I couldn’t get the bric out of the duplicated bloc into a new bloc on the new page. Perhaps my problem is now better stated as how to get a bric from one bloc into another (of a different type).

Ahhh! :laughing: I see! Once the bric is in a bloc on the same page, I can drag it between blocs. That makes life easier, I wish I’d realised that earlier :roll_eyes:

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…another way to look at this is that it’s so easy to create a bric, there’s not so much incentive to be copying them around. I don’t think I have ever copied a bric from one page to another. Blocs, definitely.