Copy content between documents

I want to open one document, copy some content (something on the page, something in the left sidebar – whatever), then switch to another document and be able to paste that content.

I can do this in SoftPress Freeway Pro 7 and have since the late 1990’s.

Why is this so important? Because I often want to start off with something new in a fresh document in order to test it without obstruction from other content. I then will flesh out that design and when I am satisfied with it, I want to copy that content and paste it into another document that may contain my larger website. Again, Freeway affords me this Freedom, and so should Blocs.

I consider this feature request equal and on par with the Multiple files open at the same time request.

I really like Blocs, but these limitations are holding me back. I can kick out single web pages pretty easily in Blocs (currently without a search feature), but my aim is to rebuilding my big websites (50 or more pages) in Blocs, and to do that I need Blocs to support me.

Please add (1) copying between documents and (2) opening more than one document at once, as soon as possible.




Add my second to this suggestion, this is something that is sorely lacking in Blocs.

In fact, the related thing I find puzzling with Blocs is that I cannot have TWO projects open at the same time. Being able to drag and drop pages from one project to another is incredibly helpful. This is something I do all the time in RW so that I can reuse certain types pf pages (contact) for new sites.

Blocs needs tabs so that you can have multiple projects open at a time and easily switch between them.


This would indeed be helpful!

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I think you should go back to Freeway as it makes you the happiest! It seems that you want blocs to be Freeway, be patient as this has come so far and a short time. Come back in year and then maybe you will be happy.


@cableguy30 i could try to understand your feelings, regarding if @JDW likes FW so be there, but he is right in one point, why should he or me or you have 2 softwares to do the same job?
If @Norm is wheeling to implement features in Blocs that make the software better and better, why don’t you be happier to have someone like @JDW to give inputs?
If you have a car, and you will change brand and that brand says to you that they will upgrade your new car with all the features that you like or love, probably you will say: “my old car have a light when I fart, and is very important so the others can hold their breath”, for me that’s stupid, but for you is extremely important and the new brand makes that module for you. Why am I bother? I will just use it or not.
The same way as @JDW and Blocs, he is used to use some features in FW, for him is important, for you is not, but why instead of criticize is request (some times @JDW could be to much direct, but is his way) just make @Norm decide, and if @Norm implement that in Blocs, @JDW will be happier and who knows if at some point you will need that feature and will have to thank @JDW.

Just my inputs regarding the way this topic is flowing…

And as you can see, me, @area49, and @handshaper are interested if @Norm decides to implement this in Blocs.


I agree with @Pealco @area 49 and @handshaper, for me this functionality would be very useful !!

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These are very nice words, Thank you @Pealco indeed.
I do remember my first frustrations and my hard way to learn how blocs works.
My comments at that time were even harder and I am still greatfull to @Norm for the calmness and his willing to answer each and every question.
Nowadays as a no coder I have no regrets choosing blocs and this is also due to this great forum.
Coders help non coders, smart guys like @Eldar help in design ideas, @Whittfield and you are the latest great enrichment of this forum besides @Bill @MDS and all those who are not named here now.
For me it was very helpful to get aware that blocs is blocs - Fullstop!
Although I still catch myself thinking old fashion - I get used more and more to this app by accepting this unique worflow.
Other app might have features some of us are still missing, but we have also to consider that this is ONLY version 3 and compared to the level of my fierst use (very first 2.0) the developement is just a bummer.
So, I would rather support “Papa Blocs” with wishlists…
I really like his mission :grinning::+1:


+1 for multiple files open in Blocs app.

First, I think it’s safe to say @Norm see’s value in the suggestion. Heck, who doesn’t want this? I assume if he could make it happen today he would. But I build stuff, so I know it’s not that simple. Having said that, this change would probably be a major version change and not a “dot version” release.

This may not be the most popular opinion but…

I understand @cableguy30 frustration. Continuously mentioning a competitor so much in a companies forum is considered bad behavior. Some forums block you for that sort of thing. Occasionally it’s fine and necessary, but here it happens too often and for no great reason typically IMHO.

Speaking for myself only, but I dislike when people use certain methods to get heard. I have no issue with requests, but when delivered with pedantic, overbearing style I find it unfair to the rest of the community. It disrupts the signal to noise ratio that we should all hope exists in a forum such as this. I’m old enough to remember when bumping your own post within a day or two was considered bad forum etiquette. What I’m seeing lately goes too far in my opinion. A simple request with a bunch of +1 comments is enough to get a great conversation started. Anything more is obtrusive IMHO.

Why do I say this?..

  1. If everyone had the same approach I would not frequent this forum.
  2. No matter how many requests you make it’s the number of +1’s that really count. This issue has plenty of support so no need for competitor language and what amounts to stump speeches.
  3. Anyone seeking to get everything they want, in the time-frame they want it and are not concerned about what it takes you to get there is not your friend. They are not doing so in your best interest but rather to serve their own.
  4. ** Finally, the ability to make feature requests’ is a privilege not a promise or a requirement.** It can help your product, but it doesn’t define it. Let’s be more thoughtful and compassionate and less eager to invoke a competitors name just to prove a point.

That’s it. Add me to the +1 for this feature as I said before. But that has nothing to do with why we are having this conversation right now. it has everything to do with forum diplomacy and not Blocs’ inability or apathy towards this request.


I asked about this a couple years ago. I think the only caveat at the time was that it might impact the performance of Blocs with more than one project open at a time. It’s worth remembering of course that pages can be saved as templates and then opened in other projects that way.


I appreciate the support of my Wish List feature request, but I disagree with the insinuation that my occasional mention of a competing web design app is “bad forum behavior.” I shall now explain why…

My mention of that other web design app is like breathing to me since I’ve used it continually since 1999. How many of you have used a web design app exclusively and regularly for 20 years, from MacOS 9 through every variant of OS X? I was so enamored with that app back in 1999 that I worked with a company here in Japan to get the app translated and sold here in Japan. Indeed, I was one of the two people self-assigned to the translation team who translated the UI (via PowerGlot) and the huge printed manual into Japanese. I attended two Macworld Tokyo shows at a booth created and paid for by the company in Japan promoting the software, along side an engineer from the UK developer. I made a couple trips to Oxford to meet the engineering team. Features that I proposed were included in the software, including a feature that benefited MacOS 9 apps of the era – switchable UI language. All OS X apps have it today but back in the OS9 days it was unheard of. Only Quark Express had at back in 1999, and I proposed it be added to the Freeway app, and thankfully it was implemented. It was raved about at Macworld when when journalists found out and interviewed me at the booth.

Having seen my contributions to that web design app come to light and benefit the app through the years, I naturally treat other apps like Blocs in like manner, hoping to contribute along with the rest of you in making Blocs the best it can be. But I also am well aware that apps only become as good as the developer wants them to be. My job is not to replace the developer but instead be as helpful and suggestive as I can be, for the good of the app. If the developer does not appreciate some of what I contribute, it’s their decision, and there are no hard feelings on my part. That’s the way things work for all of us.

So why is it NOT “bad forum behavior” to mention “Freeway” here in the Blocs forum? Because Freeway is NOT designed for responsive website construction. Seriously, it’s not. Even though some users of it have created responsive sites, if you saw what hoops they leaped through to do it, you would shaking your head laughing while running back to Blocs! Think about it. If that other app can create responsive sites, then why am I here, folks? Think about it. :slight_smile: It’s almost like me mentioning Subway sandwiches here and then somebody comes along getting bent out of shape over it! Apples and oranges, folks. Apples and oranges. Blocs is in a league of its own, and I appreciate that.

SoftPress pulled the plug on their company a while back, jettisoned all employees, and then the company mysteriously reappeared a year later with slimmed down staff, still selling the same product they had before. They are still working to make a 64-bit app, but there are no signs it will happen and no signs that the new app will even be different or better at creating responsive sites. Why do I mention this? Because Freeway in no way diminishes the importance of and need for Blocs.

I’ve been attracted to Blocs since version 2.x. Indeed, I’ve raved about Blocs for a long while on FreewayTalk! Indeed, both Norm and I have discussed Blocs on FreewayTalk! So if one contends it is naughty for anyone to talk about a competing software app in the forum of another software app, then one dares to point the finger of condemnation at Norm too! I don’t know about you, but I am not going to do that to Norm or anyone else.

There are pretty much two ways you can look at things in life. You can view them positively without criticism, or you can view them negatively and chastise others. To those of you who have viewed me and my words in a positive light, I thank you. I have purchased Blocs FOR GOOD REASON despite having been a Freeway user for 20 years. That act alone should tell anyone and everyone just how much merit there is in Blocs! My words in this forum do not preach reasons to switch to another web design app, even if I mention features inherent to other apps. We would be silly to close our eyes to all other apps, never test them, and never propose new features in Blocs that we see in those other apps. Even Steve Jobs needed inspiration from Xerox Parc. Let’s not forget that.

Now let’s get back to brainstorming Blocs! :slight_smile:

Another letter to the editor. Not worth the read.

But obviously worth your time to reply!


Keep it positive!

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It took a brave individual to go on the Freeway forums a few years ago and suggest something could be done better by a competing product. They would likely have been jumped on by forum members and treated like a clueless halfwit. Very little changed and those switching to Rapidweaver or alternatives did so very quietly…

Freeway had something of a cult following, however the developers were terribly boxed in by that ancient code base from the last century and a reluctance by many of their more loyal followers to embrace change. Softpress were not making enough sales and the rest is history.

Norm is bringing about a great number of changes, however it has to be done in a way that ensures Blocs remains stable, while also updating the code base to avoid the woes of Softpress and to some extent Rapidweaver. By creating template pages and custom blocs we already have this functionality at hand, but without the overhead of keeping two projects open at the same time.

I think this is just about the most open, tolerant forum around in this area and very willing to embrace new features. The situation is so restrictive on the main Rapidweaver forums that some of the devs created their own forum, where users could speak more freely. The longest thread on that forum is about Wordpress and the second longest is about Blocs.


Personally, I’d prefer @Norm to concentrate on getting the basic features of Blocs working properly before getting on to the more esoteric stuff.


"It’s really easy to set the active class."

No it’s not. I followed the instructions EXACTLY but it just doesn’t work for more than a few clicks on the menu bar. On a Mac or a mobile.

It may be me.*

It may be Blocs.

It may be Bootstrap.

Whatever, it’s not working - except in Preview Mode where it works perfectly.

(Yes, I know I opened a thread with this, but there are no replies.)

My point remains - get the basics working first!

*If it is me, humble pie will be eaten. Without custard.

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I take it your active colour is blue. It works here on every page when I tried it just now on my Mac.

Yep blue.

What if you go along the menu bar and back - for me, only the first menu item is reasonably consistent, all the others remain black or grey?


I can see the issue.
Might it be that the animation in the navbar is causing this?
If so I personaly wouldn´t miss that.

The only blue link I see is “Sittings - completed” when I first open your site. I then individually clicked on each of the other navi links and never saw another blue link! So I see what you mean about the Active class being elusive. Hmmm…

Yep, that’s what I get, but if I empty the Safari cache for my website it works again for about 4 clicks.

But it’s built into Blocs, I like it, so why should I have to compromise on basic features???