Copy content between documents


Sorry, was referring to the red text at the bottom. I get a quick flash of blue and then nothing for several clicks then one in a random position.


FFS. And on such a simple website!


Just a suggestion based on my own experience a while back. I was seeing a lot of issues with custom classes that greatly improved after re-installing the OS. I didn’t have to do a clean install, where I wiped everything; just boot into recovery mode and install a fresh copy of the OS. It might take a couple hours, however it can go a long way towards eliminating glitchy behaviour like this.


@Flashman I once again really appreciate your kindly pointing my brain in the right direction. I say this in part to steer this discussion back on topic. But I also mention it because I just now tested File > Export > Export As… > Custom Bloc. I was able to successfully import into another document! But it got me thinking. If we can export a Bloc now, why then can’t the same be accomplished by copy and paste? It seems the code is already there in Blocs. It would just be a matter of allowing one to copy a Bloc and then paste it in another document. The end result of pasting would be the same as export/import of a Bloc, only faster.

Anyway, your suggesting is very helpful to me. I really appreciate the tip!

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This just seems to be the way Blocs works and I think we should be more concerned by the result than the method. It achieves the same goal in a similar time frame, but with the advantage of being accessible later on as well.

It’s basically the same when you go to duplicate a bloc. A window pops up and asks you where you want it duplicated. Presumably Norm has a reason for doing it this way.


This could be really useful


Copying and pasting between docs in any app should be a given in 2019 and is a constant source of frustration for my designers. Saving as a template then opening in another document is a clumsy workaround for something as basic as copy-paste. +1 on this suggestion.