Copy object between projects

I created a custom button (contact on whatsapp). This button have a custom css, a custom aspect and a custom destination url. If I want use it on another project how I copy it and reuse in a new project?

One easy way of doing this to put it in a bloc and save it as custom bloc in your bloc library. When you want to use it in another project, add the bloc, select the button and move it to its desired location. Alternatively, if you save the custom class with the bloc, it will be available for you to apply to any button in your project. Once used, you can delete the custom bloc from your project.

A useful tip if your want to create a number of objects with specific styling, create them all together in one custom bloc and save to your bloc library. That way, you will have all the various custom classes you created in one easy to manage bloc. Use the bloc in any future project. Once you’ve applied the custom classes to objects in your project, remove the custom bloc.

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Nice tip if you want to use something on several sites. Another thing I like to do on my blog site is to just create a page and check do not publish in the page settings. I’ve made several different images gallery’s, masonry, full screen with different types of displays, configured at different break points. When I create a new post I just duplicate which gallery I want to use on the post. Vey easy and a time savers.


Create a draft project with as many blocs and settings as you can think of that will be frequently used, then use that as the starting point for new projects.