Corporate web site


Our designer team had a request to redesign website and to move the old one from WIX to something new. Our front end team had no time to do that, so we try to make it self. After some time we have found Blocs (btw. great tool for visual setting websites.

Everything that was designed as a mockup and final product was exactly transferred to a web page. Build with Blocs. It needed some time to figure out what happens with row and columns. And what framework was used.

But if you have knowledge already with html and css it was easy to set everything.

In last couple of months we have build several pages with blocks without front end team :smiley:

This is the last corporate page that we have build for

Ps. the only problem that we have experience late is double animation on mainpage.
And yes we did .htaccess rewrite with html extension

I hope you like the way how Blocs is used. And thumbs up @Norm for a such great tool.


Very well done :+1:


Really nice, love the trick with the padding on the phone!


Hi! Great! How did you made the video (sound) stop when closing it?


Hi, that’s good question :smiley: I know that i had that problem to. And I tried to work with autoplay or something similar.

As i remember i have hack the default lightbox btn with html widget and made some custom css changes for that instance. It’s a weil ago so sorry that i don’t have right answer for you.


Ok thanks, I will try :slight_smile: