Corporate web site

Our designer team had a request to redesign website and to move the old one from WIX to something new. Our front end team had no time to do that, so we try to make it self. After some time we have found Blocs (btw. great tool for visual setting websites.

Everything that was designed as a mockup and final product was exactly transferred to a web page. Build with Blocs. It needed some time to figure out what happens with row and columns. And what framework was used.

But if you have knowledge already with html and css it was easy to set everything.

In last couple of months we have build several pages with blocks without front end team :smiley:

This is the last corporate page that we have build for

Ps. the only problem that we have experience late is double animation on mainpage.
And yes we did .htaccess rewrite with html extension

I hope you like the way how Blocs is used. And thumbs up @Norm for a such great tool.


Very well done :+1:

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Really nice, love the trick with the padding on the phone!


Hi! Great! How did you made the video (sound) stop when closing it?

Hi, that’s good question :smiley: I know that i had that problem to. And I tried to work with autoplay or something similar.

As i remember i have hack the default lightbox btn with html widget and made some custom css changes for that instance. It’s a weil ago so sorry that i don’t have right answer for you.

Ok thanks, I will try :slight_smile:

Same site, new framework, new content.

When Blocs 3 came out we wanted to switch to new framework. New version. But we don’t wanted just to open old project and fix issues. We wanted to rebuild it from scratch.

Time limit was 3 weeks for everything. Rebuild, new content, changes, amends and trust me my team is one of the toughest teams to work :smiley: lot of BD, CEO, marketing guys.

And that means changing everything couple times during a day.
I think we have managed to have everything set.

Beside this page we have two more corporate pages that are build with Blocs

Main site -
Developers page for user -
Marketing page for user more for BD level - still on B2 version. it will be updated by end of this month.

In the meanwhile we have experienced all of those bug on betas and @norm fixed them in a short time. Thanks for that. There are just small bugs. What i still love to see is better gradient handling with more than 2 colors. Minify has little bit problem with some other services. But that can be fixed from our side. Generally with Pardot and Salesforce.

There is still problem with language in html code. Not present. I would love to see also toggle close on another elements when another one is clicked. Not for accordion. Just for toggle visibility function.

Next thing that i would love to see on layer tree page. Is a ability to shift the pages how we want. Because now you need to plan right the site architecture.

From the developer community I would love to see bric for open graphs metas for Google, FB and Twitter.

And i think @Eldar has great videos for new beginners. Blocs is great. For non developer with limited HTML and CSS knowledge. For small projects it’s a great tool. For corporate sites also. If you have a knowledge how to set a site architecture. Since we as a designer and BD team don’t need developers :D. We can work directly together and save a big amount of time


Very nice, polished site(s). I’m glad you stuck with Blocs, and you made the right decision to rebuild the site from scratch. In the end, starting from scratch far outweighs migrating a site.

Nice work,


Another rebuilded web page from blocs 2 to blocs 3.


@rusmir Excellent stuff. Well done.

On a side note to @Norm Blocs 3 is allowing us to build much better looking sites than Blocs 2. This was apparent, even from the early betas and I’m sure that will only improve with all the new bric options coming.

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Well done, you have skills

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@Flashman thanks. This was done in 3 hours :smiley: lazy work. Am still waiting for the feature to copy between projects :smiley: But so far i kno wwe have just one page to transfer to blocs3.

And new pages are coming :smiley:

And am really excited about bric store :+1:

Nice site, it has all the elements that make it very professional looking site. Nice typography, color contrast, content padding, and some really nice graphics (I can tell you spent some time with them).

Love version 3!

Great job,

Thanks. Over 15 years of web and graphic design :D. But that is irrelevant. The tool like Blocs gives you opportunity to build it very easily without developers. You need to have some skills with html and css and js if you want some advance websites. But for promotional sites that am seeing here. You just need Blocs :smiley:

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It’s amazing how much quicker a job can be done without involving a client who sends hundreds of pointless emails or wants to know why their broadband connection to Netflix no longer works since you started on their website…

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Thanks. As a lead UI/UX for marketing and web. Firstly we have set the brand right and defined all things. Since we have a lot of corporate sites, we have defined everything in prior. So everyone can work besides me. We are holding also a lot of different landing pages that need to have same feel and look.

I think when you set everything in front. Like css classes, you can just reuse them. What i like to see and am missing this still is to rearrange classes in class manager. Some other options. But am also happy where blocs 3 is heading. Like the new option for vh. And i think those small brics in new store will help new member to easily achieve what they want with blocs.

I have tried to make on brick for open graphs but honestly. I don’t know how to set that :smiley: But the time will show. Am not a quitter :smiley:

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Trust me i miss the days with clients. Now i have 3 people in marketing team. 3 women. Then one digital designer based in UK who is working only on apps, and second one as a creative director who is also working with our company apps.

So all amends, all request basically coming from one women who is in charge :D. Am not complaining. If you can read the project briefs there are no open questions :smiley: And when you love what you do :smiley: then even better for you.

I have a guy who am following for long time who has a great design group.

its worth checking. There are great advice for younger freelancer or just creative people like us who are working in companies.

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